Best cities to Visit in Turkey

Turkey is very beautiful Islamic country that has a beautiful history, architect, culture and art. I was told by one of my Turkish friend to whom who is a female dentist in Syracuse NY. She said that Turkey has a diverse culture and is democratic, secular and parliamentary republic located in Asia and smaller portion in Europe. Turkey has a rich history. Ankara is capital of Turkey while Istanbul is largest city of turkey.

UNCSEO has recognized 13 sights in Turkey. Turkish cuisines, landscapes, culture are very famous around the globe. There are many cities that need to be visited. Some cities have historic values, some are famous for its architectural styles, some famous for its natural beauty.


Western side of Turkey has this city called Istanbul. Istanbul is famous for its rich culture, art, music, entertainment, architecture etc. the architect styles are great example of Roman, Genoese, Greek and Ottoman architecture. Istanbul is not only famous in Turkey but also around the world. Sea of Marmara, Sultan Ahmad Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Top Kapi Palace, Chora Church and Fatih Mosque are some places that are example of beauty.


Izmir is very famous and populous city of Turkey. It has many places that are unique on its own. This city is industrial area as well as full of natural beauty. Beaches are found in west of Izmir. Clock tower in Izmir is great example of French architect. It is made up of marble. Its height is 82ft. if you want to know the history of Turkey than Izmir Ethnography museum is great place where clothes, pottery of Seljuk period are preserved. Hippodrome is a stadium which is excellent for those who love horse riding. This stadium is historic one of ancient Greek time.


This region of Turkey has great historic values. The museum in Cappadocia needs to be visited. Cappadocia has four cities. Each has its own value. Hot air ballooning is very famous in this area.