Countries with the most tourists per year

According to my friend at Miami roofing, It is interesting to know which countries are getting the most tourists per year. This is so that you can know which country to consider, when you are planning your next trip to a foreign country. Many people don’t really know which of the countries are really top tourist attractions and which are just normal countries where a few people are visiting. These are the countries with the most tourists.


You might be surprised to know that France is the one country that is getting the most tourists per year. During 2016, there were a total of 83.7 million tourists. This is mostly because so many people are visiting Paris for romantic getaways.

The other reason why France has so many tourists, is because of their great resorts, beach destinations and friendly locals.

The United States

Many people might have thought that the United States is the number one country that has the most tourists. However, this isn’t the truth. The United States is behind France with about 10 million tourists during 2016. They have a total of 74.8 million tourists during the year of 2016.

There are many reasons why the US is such a popular country. There are many popular cities like New York and Los Angeles that are getting many tourists per day.


The third country with the most number of tourists is Spain. This is another surprise for most people. They got 65 million tourists during 2016.

The number one reason why they receiving so many tourists, is because of their coast line and the fact that they have a great climate throughout the year.


We all know that China is a popular country and is getting a large number of tourists per year. The surprise is that they are only the fourth country with the most tourists. They got 55.6 million tourists during 2016.

This is still a lot of tourists that a country can have a year. The culture, food and historical history about China is the reason for so many tourists.


The fifth country with the most tourists is Italy. This isn’t a surprise, because we all know how popular this country is among tourists. During 2016, they have received 48.6 million tourists.

The people that are going to Italy, love their buildings, their different cuisine and the friendly locals. There are many tourist attractions and you will not be bored for one minute.

These top five countries are the countries that have the most tourists during 2016. Some people might be surprised about the list, because many think that the United States should be the number one country with the most tourists, but they aren’t. France is the country with the most tourists. You can use this list to plan your next trip to foreign countries, so that you know that you are going to popular countries with many tourists per year.