Rajasthan and its culture

According to my Indian friend who mostly speak on Benefits of organic sulfur. Upon my request he told me about some places in India. He told me that Rajasthan is India’s largest state by its area. It is located in west side of India. Rajasthan has a desert area which is known as Thar Desert. It share border with Pakistani provinces Punjab, Sindh along with Satluj River. This area has a glorious history. Rajasthan was a royal state so it is full of cultural and unique things that attract the tourists from around the world. Indian culture belongs to Rajasthan.

People in Rajasthan (women) wear long skirts called ghagras with beautiful print or embroidery with tella or zarri (golden and silver work), ghongros, payyal, stone jewelry etc. While men wear turban called joudhpuri Safa which is rich in culture. Angrakha frocks are also in their culture for women.

Rajistani art work is likeable in many countries. The handmade rug, jewelry with painted stone works, tie-dye work, Chunri, embroidery, tilla and zarri work, painted fabric, mirror work  are very famous. Rajasthani puppet show is very famous; wooden dummies are attached with threads and are controlled by puppeteer and he moves the attached threads in specific position which make the puppet move. Wooden dummies are also bought by many tourists.

Rajasthani folk music is very rich and is very famous around world. Different regions have their own style of singing and dance. Chari dance is very tricky as it needs a practice and learning in which the dance create a balance of body on his head, ghoomer dance which is very famous among women and is also performed by women. Another dance which is also an ancient one is Kalbelia dance.

Rajasthani festivals are exactly as same as other regions in India like Holi, Dewali, Raksha Bandhan, Teej, Gogaji etc only one thing that celebrate in their region is Desert festival; which is held on every year in January or February for three days. These days are best to visit Rajasthan and to see the cultural beauty of this wonderful place.

Majority of people in Rajasthan are vegetarian. It is largest vegetarian region of India. Their food is influenced by Rajputs. Balushahi, Besan Chakki, Dilkhushaal, Feeni, Ghewar, Mawa kachori and Gulabjaman are some famous desserts of Rajasthan. Other dishes are Mirchi Bada; which is prepared by stuffing boiled potatoes in green chilies and dipped in besan and deep fried in hot oil and served with tomato or tamarind sauce, Payaaz Kachori (onion kachori); which is prepared by dough filled with onion spicy filling and deep fried, Bikaneri Bhujiya; which is made with moth beans and besan (gram flour) this is a crispy snack.